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"Infinite Possibilities" - Chapter 15b (Part 2 of Tonight's Two-Part Update)

Title: "Infinite Possibilities” (Chapter 15b) – Part 2 of Tonight’s Two-Part Update
Author: Bleudaisy
Rating: “R” for Adult Content
Word Count: 6,869
Pairing: Josef/Sara and Mick/Beth
Disclaimer: Not mine, but would love it if they were. Also, please know that no money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.
Spoiler Warning: This story takes place some time after “The Mortal Cure”

Author’s Note: Please be aware that this is PART 2 of tonight’s update. In order to avoid confusion, please read this chapter after part 1 which is posted below. I would hate for you to read them out of order because LJ wouldn’t let me post them as the one long chapter I had intended. Thanks! Enjoy!

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Chapter 15b (Part 2 of 2)

Staring blankly at the phone in his hand, Josef blinked several times as he tried to figure out what the hell had just happened. After several moments, he realized Sara had called from the penthouse phone rather than her cell phone and he wondered if she’d seen the new room. Shaking his head, Josef thought, Damn, I’d really hoped to be there when she saw it. I wonder what she thought.

Moving to thank his guests for their visit, Josef smiled and shook everyone’s hand as they left to catch their plane. Nearly cramming his paperwork into his briefcase, Josef threw on his leather jacket and bolted out the office door toward the Ferrari waiting silently in the garage below.

After racing across the L.A. freeway, Josef finally pulled into the front drive of his building and hurried inside, his interest piqued more than it had been in at least 50 years. After several moments, he entered the penthouse and dropped his briefcase as he pushed the door closed and crossed into the living room looking for Sara.

Catching her scent immediately, Josef looked toward the patio and saw her standing outside with a mischievous look in her eyes. Moving to slip off his heavy leather jacket, Josef paused as he saw Sara shake her head as if to tell him to keep it on. As he shrugged it back on in confusion, he felt a slow grin spread across his face as Sara raised her hand and beckoned him toward her with one finger; a sexy grin dancing on her lips. Feeling his pulse quicken, Josef hesitated slightly before moving toward the patio on the other side of the large room. Pushing open the heavy glass door with one smooth motion, he smiled as Sara continued to beckon him closer, her eyes narrowing in anticipation. Moving forward quickly, Josef swept her up in his arms and kissed her deeply, his own heart fluttering wildly as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him against her passionately.

Josef’s scent was intoxicating to Sara. The heady aroma of the leather mixing with Josef own unique masculine scent nearly made her dizzy as her heart beat wildly when he gathered her into his arms, once again claiming her as his own. Wrapping her arms around him, Sara skimmed her nails lightly across his neck with each nip, each kiss and felt him shiver with delight. After several moments, she finally relaxed her grip on his neck and slid her hands lower to revel in the feel of the leather over his broad shoulders as he continued to explore her mouth passionately, drawing a small amount of blood against her newly formed fangs. After several moments, Josef’s progress gradually slowed and nearly concluded with several light nips as he finally moved to rest his forehead gently against Sara’s. Looking into her sapphire eyes, he smiled contentedly as he sighed, “I obviously need to come home early more often.”

Her eyes dancing, Sara laughed lightly as she whispered, “Josef…do you still have your motorcycle?”

Grinning, Josef whispered, “Mmm…now that’s my baby doll. Just full of surprises tonight, aren’t you?”

Pressing her body against his more firmly, Sara sighed as she kissed him again, her tongue raking his fangs erotically. Severing the kiss abruptly, she hovered near his parted lips and whispered, “Let’s ride, Josef. Tell me my bad boy kept the Indian.”

Nipping at her again lightly, Josef panted raggedly, the intensity of his desire eating away at him. Sighing heavily, he whispered, “Yeah…I’ve still got it, baby. I could never let that bike go. Not after all the nights we spent on it.”

Skimming her nails across his neck again, Sara grinned at the momentary power she obviously had over her fiancé as she felt him shiver with desire once again, “Come on, love. Let’s get the bike and have some fun.” Brushing her lips across his own with a feathery touch, she breathed, “Please, Josef…let’s ride.”

Wondering at the level of sexual innuendo in Sara’s request, Josef felt as though he were drowning in her rush of desire for him. Nipping at her again lightly, he finally pulled away and smiled, “Okay, baby…we can ride. Go see if you can find something more appropriate to wear and I’ll grab my gear.”

Josef felt absolutely elated at the huge grin that spread across Sara’s face as she bounced lightly, “I’ll be ready in just a few minutes, love!” Kissing him quickly once more, she finally pulled away and hurried toward her room in excitement. Watching her go, Josef beamed as he shook his head in wonderment and thought, What could have possibly brought on such as sudden shift in Sara? Thinking for several minutes as he moved toward his newly redecorated bedroom, Josef mused, Could it be what happened with Moretti? She’s obviously much more possessive since all of that happened. Maybe this is part of that? Deciding not to question it, Josef opened the door to his bedroom and smiled at the sight before him as he whispered, “Yes, this is exactly what I’d wanted.” After a brief cruise around the room, Josef smiled, “Now see? This is why I put up with Damian. He definitely has a gift.”

Bursting through her door, Sara heard Beth stepping into her enormous sunken bath. Quickly crossing to the bathroom she knocked on the door and called out, “Beth? Can I come in?”

Beth splashed the water lightly as she shifted in the tub and replied, “Sure, Sara. The door’s unlocked.”

Poking her head in the bathroom door, Sara grinned, “He’s still got the bike, Beth. So, we’re going riding for a little while. Is that okay with you?”

Seeing the excitement in her friend’s eyes, Beth was thrilled for her, “Of course that’s okay. I’m so happy you’re getting to ride again. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. I was just going to make some popcorn and watch a movie once I get out of here. So, you two go and have fun.”

Beaming at Beth, Sara was obviously about to burst with excitement, “I have one more favor to ask, Beth. Do you have a pair of jeans I could borrow? I don’t own any and I’d rather not wear a skirt on the bike tonight.”

Nodding, Beth answered, “Of course! Just go look through my stuff and take any pair you like. Since we wear the same size they should fit you pretty well, but they may be a little long since you’re shorter than me.”

Grinning, Sara replied, “Not a problem! I’ll just roll them up. And, we’ll have the cell phone with us if you need anything, okay?”

Beth laughed lightly, “I’ll be fine! Go have fun!”

Beaming once again, Sara grinned, “Thanks, Beth! See you later!”

Nearly slamming the bathroom door, Sara hurried over to Beth’s room and rummaged through her drawers until she found a pretty pair of black jeans that she thought would look great on her. Running back around to her bedroom, Sara hurried over to her closet and selected a snug red blouse and some black leather flats before rushing over to her dressing table. Stripping quickly, she slipped into the jeans and rolled the cuffs up at least three inches on each side. Stepping back and assessing the fit in her “mirror” camera system, Sara grinned as she thought, I think these ought to get his attention nicely. Grabbing the red blouse, she slipped it on next, hurrying to button and tuck in the blouse before slipping a narrow black belt through the belt loops around her waist. Rushing over to her dressing table, Sara quickly brushed her hair back and wrapped a stretchy band around her perfect, bouncy ponytail. After loosely knotting a white scarf around her throat and slipping on her black flats, Sara stopped and tried to calm herself before she hyperventilated from excitement. Studying herself once again in the dressing table’s “mirror”, Sara evaluated her outfit critically. Realizing she needed a bit more lipstick, she smoothed some on and then blotted several times before finally nodding her approval and hurrying toward the bedroom door.

Entering the hall and closing the door behind her, she hoped she hadn’t taken too long. Hurrying into the living room, Sara stopped dead in her tracks and just stared at Josef as he stood near the patio door and slipped on his black leather motorcycle jacket while looking out over the glittering city below. Shaking her head in amazement, she couldn’t believe how much he looked like he had when she’d first dated him so many years before. He was dressed in what appeared to be the exact same outfit he’d always worn in the fifties: a white t-shirt with rolled sleeves, black jeans with the cuffs rolled up and those sexy harness boots with the thick leather straps around the ankles. Settling the leather jacket casually on his shoulders, he withdrew some leather gloves from his jacket pocket and pulled them on easily. Studying the man before her, Sara realized that she’d obviously forgotten how amazing he looked in his riding gear or she would have asked him for a ride weeks ago. Reveling in the charisma he carried so casually about him, she now remembered exactly why she’d first fallen in love with him. A light sigh escaped her lips as she thought, God…he’s so sexy.

Hearing her breath, Josef turned to grin at her and felt his heart skip a beat as his eyes skimmed the tight blouse and snug black jeans which accentuated Sara’s every curve. Taking in the sight before him, Josef thought he had never seen anything so gorgeous in all his life. Thinking back over all of the nights they’d ridden so many years before, not once had she ever ridden in jeans. She’d always been one to ride side saddle in a tight little pencil skirt, which was one of the reasons he’d loved taking her out on the bike. Not only did he get to feel her wrapped tightly around him for the entire night as she hugged into him on every curve, but it was the only time she ever wore a snug skirt and revealed the curves he knew were underneath all of those crinoline slips. Desire pulling at him once again, Josef finally stepped forward and slowly crossed the room. Slipping his gloved hands around her tiny waist, he nearly growled, “You look amazing, baby.”

Looking up into his dark eyes, Sara bit her lip as she sighed lightly before whispering, “I was just thinking the same thing about you, love.”

A possessive grin crept across his face as he kissed her briefly, before leading her toward the penthouse door where he had another leather jacket waiting. Helping her slip it on, he apologized, “I know it’s a bit big on you, but it’s the best I can do on short notice. You’ll freeze in that night wind if you aren’t wearing some leather.”

Sara was thrilled at the idea of wearing the black leather jacket Josef had been wearing earlier that evening. As he settled it lightly on her shoulders, Josef leaned down and peppered her neck with feathery kisses as she closed her eyes and breathed in the delicious mixture of scents from the leather jacket. It was obvious that Josef had worn the jacket quite a bit, as she was enveloped in his amazing scent which was delicately laced with the intoxicating aroma of leather. When combined with the sensations of Josef’s lips and tongue brushing against her neck, Sara was suddenly overwhelmed with a rush of heat and desire. Turning quickly, she grasped the collar of his leather jacket and roughly pushed him back against the doorframe as she surged forward to kiss him passionately and claim him as hers forever. Melding her body against his, she stroked the leather over his chest several times before sliding her hands up behind his neck, pressing her nails deeply into the fragile skin and nearly drawing blood with her need to possess him completely. Sara had witnessed how easily she could lose Josef and she fully intended to live this night as if it might be her last with the man she loved more than life itself.

Consumed by her sudden desire, Josef felt a surge of heat envelop him as he responded to Sara instantly. Pulling her even more firmly against him, he allowed her to take control of him and possess him as she wished. Plundering his mouth freely, Sara considered the fact that her need to explore even more of his tempting flesh just might outweigh her desire to ride with him under the stars that night. Deepening the kiss further, she suddenly caught the scent of blood and realized she’d left tiny red crescents on the back of his neck in her desire to be even closer to him. Amazingly, the scent of Josef’s blood only seemed to increase her desire as she leaned heavily against him and felt his need pressing back against her hip with a heat all its own. Pulling back abruptly, Sara bathed him with a dark, sexy smile as she left him hanging in confusion momentarily and gazed up into his eyes, which were clouded and dark with unspent passion. Nipping at him several more times, she finally grinned at him possessively as she lightly traced his slightly swollen bottom lip with her tongue. With a final nip, she whispered, “Come on, love…let’s ride.”

Watching her pull away to open the penthouse door, Josef felt his heart skip a beat as she turned and flashed a sultry expression while delicately licking his blood from the tips of her nails. Noticing the effect she was having on her fiancé, Sara swayed her hips enticingly as she passed through the open door and strode toward the elevator. Watching the erotic display before him, Josef stood stunned as he continued to lean back against the door frame she’d just shoved him against only moments before. Trying to collect his wits about him, he mused, Oh, my God…Sara wants me just as much as I want her. Well, holy hell. Finally realizing he needed to follow her, Josef entered the hall and closed the door behind him as he looked over to see Sara leaning against the wall with a sexy grin on her face still lapping innocently at one of her nails. Setting the alarm, he started toward her as he thought, If she keeps this up, there’s no way in hell we’re gonna be able to wait another week until our wedding night.

The elevator arrived and the door opened just as he walked up to meet her. Guiding her into the elevator with his hand at the small of her back, Josef turned and pushed the button for the lobby just as he looked down to see Sara leaning into his chest yet again. Instinctively wrapping his arms around her, he gazed into her eyes for several seconds before kissing her lightly just as the elevator door opened into the lobby. Releasing her briefly, Josef felt Sara grab his hand possessively as he led her from the elevator and toward the garage. Passing Max, and the crowd of guards scattered around the lobby, Josef called out, “We’re going out for a ride, Max. We’ll be back later. Beth’s still upstairs so you might want to check in with her in a little while.”

Max answered, “Sure thing, Mr. Kostan. Have fun!”

“Thanks, Max!” he answered as he reached the door that led to the garage. Opening a large steel door, Josef blinked as an array of lights shifted on automatically, brilliantly illuminating the gleaming cars contained within. Looking around, Sara panted lightly in excitement, “I don’t see the Indian, love. Where is it?”

Looking back at the woman slightly behind him, Josef flashed her a sexy smile as he replied, “Level 2.”

Turning abruptly, he led her up a flight of metal stairs, his boots landing heavily as he confidently climbed to the next level in the garage. As he reached the top landing, Josef stepped to the side and waited for Sara to arrive as well. Once she’d reached the top and stepped out onto the concrete floor, Sara’s lips parted slightly as she gasped at the number of motorcycles Josef had collected in the past fifty-three years. There had to be at least thirty of them, each one a different type and style. Scanning the crowd before her, Sara spotted the Indian sleeping quietly on the far side of the garage next to another vintage bike. Grinning up at the man who was obviously waiting for her reaction, she breathlessly said, “Josef…there’s so many of them. And, they’re all so beautiful.”

Smiling proudly, he nodded, “Yeah, they’re all beauties…each and every one.”

Leading her over toward a wall of helmets, Sara continued to study the other vintage bike next to their Indian. Releasing Josef’s hand, she walked over to stand next to the massive black motorcycle accented with a dizzying array of chrome parts and accessories. Placing a delicate hand on the seat, Sara stroked it in awe, “This bike is simply gorgeous, love. What is it?”

Placing his hands on his hips, Josef raised his eyebrows as he flashed a flat smile, “That, my love, is a 1953 Harley-Davidson Panhead.”

Circling around it in awe, Sara stared at it as she asked, “If it’s a ’53, why didn’t we ever ride it in New York?”

With a smirk, Josef replied, “Because it’s Mick’s. I just store it for him with my bikes so it’s regularly maintained by my mechanic. And, besides…he generally doesn’t like to ride alone. We usually ride together.”

Blinking up at him in shock, Sara gasped, “Mick rides?”

Josef laughed lightly, “Well, of course he does. That’s why we became such good friends. After things went south for him with Coraline, I discovered that Mick and I had more in common than we’d previously thought. We ended up riding buddies and we’ve been friends ever since.”

Looking around, Sara asked, “Which of these other bikes are Mick’s?”

Once again, Josef smirked, “None of them, actually. The rest are all mine. Mick’s very devoted to that bike. As far as he’s concerned, a Harley is the only way to go. And, as you can see, I’ve got a different bike for every mood.”

Taking in the rest of the bikes in the garage, Sara finally turned back and walked toward the Indian. Running her hand lightly across the tank and seat she sighed, “They’re all pretty, but this one is still my favorite. We had so many wonderful nights on it…I just don’t think any other bike could ever replace this one in my heart.”

Smiling down at her, Josef nodded, and whispered, “I feel the same way.”

Stroking her cheek lightly, he sighed as he reached for her hand. With a smile he led Sara back over to the wall of helmets, all of which had been custom made. Waving at them, he said, “I know they won’t fit you perfectly since I had them all made for me, but they’ll do until we can get you some of your own. Pick whichever one you like, baby.”

Releasing his hand briefly, Sara paced the length of the wall taking each one under consideration before she returned to place her hands delicately on his chest. Gazing up into his eyes, she licked her lips and paused momentarily before suggesting, “Why don’t we just ride without helmets this time, love? It’s my first ride as a vampire...and, I’d love to feel the wind through my hair for once.”

Shaking his head slowly, Josef wrapped his hands around her tiny waist as he sighed, “I don’t really think that’s a good idea, Sara. Sure, we wouldn’t die, but if something happened, I wouldn’t want you to have to go through the pain of healing from injuries like that.”

Snuggling closer against his chest, Sara peered up at him as she asked, “Come on, love. You’re a wonderful driver. Nothing will happen…it’ll be so fun.”

Shaking his head again, Josef bit his lip, “California has a helmet law, Sara. And, you know how I feel about drawing the attention of the police. I’d really rather not.”

Blinking up at him innocently, Sara quickly flicked her fingers against his shirt and unbuttoned the top-most button. Parting the fabric slightly, she lightly stroked the silky skin underneath as she whispered, “What’s the worst that could happen? Would they arrest us?”

Staring down at the angel in his arms, Josef stood transfixed as he watched her begin to unbutton his shirt. His heart began to race as he tried to focus on her question rather than the erotic way she was stroking his chest. Struggling to remember the penalty for the violation, Josef panted lightly, “Uh…actually…actually, Mick got stopped for it a few months ago and I think he got like a ticket or something.”

Leaning forward and lightly kissing the bare skin she’d just been stroking, Sara flicked her tongue across his skin as she whispered against his chest, “Was it a large fine, love?”

Looking up at the ceiling for several moments, Josef didn’t know if he’d even be able to answer her question if she didn’t stop torturing him. His breath coming ragged, Josef finally stammered, “I…I think it was like…uh…a ten dollar fine.”

Beginning to kiss and lick her way up his neck, Sara whispered, her breath dancing across his skin, “Come on…be my bad boy, Josef.”

Breathing heavily, Josef’s eyes darkened as he leaned down and took her mouth roughly with his own. Pulling her against him once more, he felt every inch of her pressing against him through the tight blouse and jeans. He was amazed at how different…how erotic…it felt to be so close to her without the yards of fabric and crinoline slips between them. Realizing he was never going to make it out of the garage if he didn’t stop now, Josef pulled away and quickly grabbed her hand as he led her toward the Indian waiting silently on the other side of the garage.

Hurrying to keep up with him, Sara grinned as she realized the effect she was having on her fiancé. Licking her lips slowly, she thought, My God, he’s an amazing kisser.

Stopping as he reached the classic Indian, Josef scanned it quickly to make sure everything looked in order before he mounted it. Nodding to himself, he grabbed the handlebars and swung his leg over the heavy machine, popping the kick-start lever on his way down. As the bike roared to life, Sara felt a familiar rush come over her. The intricate details of her many nights with Josef under the stars all came charging back into her mind at once and she smiled at the memories of their early times together. Watching him zip up his jacket, Sara’s breath hitched in her throat as Josef grasped the handlebars and flashed a sexy grin over his shoulder while asking, “Coming, baby?”

A devilish grin danced across her lips as she nodded and placed her hands on his shoulders to steady her while she mounted the bike. As Sara settled into the seat behind him, Josef’s heart skipped a beat. For the first time ever he felt her spread her legs wide as she scooted up close against his back and wrapped her thighs firmly around his hips. With a ragged breath, Josef shuddered with the realization that since she’d always ridden side-saddle this was the first time he’d ever been between Sara’s legs. Biting his lip to the point of nearly drawing blood, it was all Josef could do to keep from taking her right there on the bike. Struggling to swallow, his mouth grew dry as he felt her wrap her arms around his waist and lay her cheek against his shoulder. Finally nailing down a straight thought, Josef shouted, “Ready, baby?”

Feeling her nod against his shoulder, Josef released the clutch and slowly rolled the bike toward the ramp leading out of the garage.

Clearing the garage door, the bike surged out into the dark, sparkling city as Josef leaned deeply into the curve, popped the clutch and shifted gears to send them bursting forward into the night. Feeling Sara grasp him tightly, he listened to her heart pound with excitement as she relaxed the muscles in her thighs, spread her legs wider and allowed the momentum to scoot her closer against his back as she leaned into the curve with him. Josef had always loved riding Sara around on the back of his bike. In contrast to most women, she was an amazing rider. She’d never fought the sensations or the curves like some women would do with a driver who really liked to dig deep as they entered a turn. Instead, it was like Josef and Sara were one fluid body, and he reveled in their symmetry as she matched him move for move, eagerly anticipating his every need…his every desire.

Before he’d met Sara, Josef had ridden with a lot of women and he’d found over time that a woman’s response to the pace and feel of a motorcycle generally matched that of her love making. If a woman was good on a bike, she was usually good in bed. Thinking of how amazing Sara had always been on his bike, Josef didn’t even want to think about how amazing things were going to be after the wedding. Shaking his head slightly, he tried to focus on the feel of the night air through his hair rather than on the feel of Sara’s soft, warm thighs wrapped so tightly around his hips.

After about ten minutes, Josef finally made his way to the Pacific Coast Highway and headed out along the shore toward Malibu. Turning her head to lay her cheek against Josef’s shoulder, Sara gazed out over the ocean which was softly illuminated by the nearly full moon above. Reveling in the sensations assaulting her, Sara panted with the excitement of it all. The feel of Josef’s muscular body in her arms and between her legs was nearly overwhelming and she was certain that this night…this amazing night…was the night she had waited for since the moment she’d met him. She knew that she wanted nothing more in this world than to feel him control and caress her the way he did his bike.

Drawing in Josef’s scent on the cool night air, Sara remembered the night they’d met. From the moment she’d laid eyes on him in Grand Central Station she’d always known that Josef was a part of her. As she’d told him once before, he was literally the blood in her veins. But, over time, she’d become aware that their connection was deeper than that. Sara now knew that Josef would always possess her completely…mind, body and soul. And, she was tired of waiting to complete their union. Sara had always known that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her and she also knew that she simply couldn’t wait any longer. If something happened to him before they could truly become one, Sara was certain she would regret it forever. For all of the fear and hurt Marco Moretti had caused her, Sara was thankful for the encounter because it had finally put everything into perspective for her. Because of what she’d seen and felt in Josef’s office the previous night, Sara knew she couldn’t take him for granted for even one moment because that very moment might be their last.

Snuggling against his back tightly, Sara raised her head to rest her chin on Josef’s shoulder and look out at the curving highway before them. Amazingly enough they were the only ones on the road and she smiled as she listened to the engine rumbling beneath them, filling the air with it’s throaty growl. Smiling at the simple pleasure of being this close to Josef under the stars, Sara leaned forward and placed a single, chaste kiss on his neck before returning her cheek to his shoulder and peering back out at the ocean once more.

Feeling her kiss his neck lightly, Josef grinned to himself as he lifted one hand from the handlebar and reached to lightly stroke Sara’s hands which were locked around his chest. After several moments, he returned his hand to the handlebar’s grip while thinking of how much this night meant to him. After their encounter with Moretti the night before, Sara had become an absolute whirlwind of emotions and this night was certainly no different from the last. However, Josef realized that there was one primary difference. Rather than Sara crying and raving over her possessiveness of him, tonight she seemed to be channeling her need for him down a completely different path. Wondering exactly where this was emotional roller-coaster was leading them, Josef watched for the pull-off he knew was coming up ahead a short way past the Malibu pier. Finally spotting the turn he’d been looking for, Josef smiled to himself as he laid the bike over on it’s side and cruised into the secluded little pull-off he’d noticed on a previous ride with Mick.

Slowing the bike, Josef drove down further toward the end of the pavement nearer the beach. Angling the bike parallel to the coast, he finally rolled to a stop and silenced the engine. It had taken them nearly an hour to get here and they were lucky enough to have the coast all to themselves tonight. Turning the front wheel to the side, Josef raised his boot and lowered the kick stand so he could release the weight of the bike and relax back into Sara’s arms. Reaching up to lightly stroke her hands resting on his chest, he listened to her sigh contently as they both gazed out at the ocean beside them. Finally, Josef broke the silence as he patted her hands lightly and whispered, “Get off the bike, Sara.”

Hesitating slightly, she reluctantly released him and held onto his shoulders while she dismounted and looked at him curiously.

Reaching out to take her hand as she released his shoulder, Josef pulled her back toward the bike as he scooted backward on the leather seat. Patting the seat in front of him, he smiled, “Come here, baby…sit with me.”

A slow smile emerged on her face, as she realized what he wanted. Grabbing hold of Josef’s shoulders again, she hopped up on the seat side saddle in front of him. Crossing her ankles, she swiveled around to face him as she asked, “Like this?”

Nodding slightly, he smiled at her and pulled her close, feeling her bury her face into his neck and sigh. Kissing the top of her head lightly, he asked, “So, how was the ride?”

Placing a trail of feathery kisses along his neck, Sara sighed, “Amazing, Josef…absolutely amazing. It was even better than I remembered.”

Smiling to himself, Josef began to once again grow distracted as Sara began licking and nibbling underneath his ear while she lightly raked her fingernails on the back of his neck beneath the collar of his jacket. His breath coming quickly now, Josef pulled back and lifted her chin slightly so as to look into her eyes. After several long moments, he finally bent and hesitantly brushed his lips against her own several times before finally claiming her mouth and pulling her deeper into his arms. Drawing blood against her fangs, Josef raised an eyebrow questioningly as he felt her shifting a good bit in his arms. Pulling away momentarily, he watched as she quickly shifted and pulled her left leg up between them and then dropped it on the other side of the bike so she was facing him fully now. Scooting closer, their knees clashed briefly against the bike as Sara reached out and grasped his neck in a desperate need to be closer to him. As her lips claimed him once more, Josef lightly clasped her waist while he allowed her to explore him as she so obviously desired.

Nipping at his lips lightly several times, she slowly began to create a second path of feathery kisses back down his neck as she unzipped his jacket and began unbuttoning his shirt even further. Josef looked up at the stars briefly before closing his eyes and panting from the fire she was creating in his center. Biting his lip as she continued to tease him with her tongue, he sighed as she ran her hands lightly across his chest before she began shifting again. Blinking several times to regain some semblance of control, Josef looked down to see she had scooted closer and had now lifted her feet and wrapped her legs around his waist so as to have placed her warm center directly against his as she pulled him close and kissed him deeply. Locking her legs even more tightly around his hips, Sara pressed her body against Josef’s tightly as she continued to torture him with her nails and tongue. After several moments, Josef knew that this absolutely had to stop or he was going to quickly reach a point where it would be nearly impossible for him to stop.

Allowing her to nip at him several more times, Josef finally pulled back slightly and kissed her forehead as he whispered with a light, ragged laugh, “Baby, you’re driving me crazy here. I can only take so much of this before the wedding, you know. I hate to say it, but we’ve got to stop this.”

With only a soft whimper, Sara once again skimmed his neck with her nails and grinned as she heard him hiss with pleasure. Returning her tongue to the soft stretch of skin just under his ear, she went back to exploring him at will. After another moment, Josef pulled back once again and this time he gently lifted her chin so he could meet her eyes as he repeated more firmly, “Baby, we can’t do this.” Patting her leg lightly, he smiled and said, “Come on…get up so we can go home.”

Looking up at him with desperate need, Sara kissed him once more before meeting his eyes again and saying, “We can go home, Josef; but, I don’t want this to end.”

Cocking his head to the side, he lifted one eyebrow questioningly as he thought about what she’d just said. Reading her dark eyes in the moonlight, Josef began to put everything together. Just as he was about to reply, Sara leaned forward and kissed him slowly…softly. Barely removing her lips from his own, she hovered only a breath away from him as she whispered, “I love you, Josef. I don’t want to wait anymore. I want to be yours completely...only yours…forever.”

Feeling his breath quicken, Josef realized this was the moment he’d dreamed of for the past fifty-four years. From the moment he’d met her, Josef had hoped to someday be with Sara. Panting heavily with anticipation, Josef moved to claim her mouth once again. As he felt her scoot closer to him and tighten her legs around his hips, she shifted so as to allow him full access to explore her as well. Hesitantly running his hands up the outer edges of her thighs, Josef reached her hips and realized he just couldn’t continue this in public. Gradually, slowing his kiss, he finally pulled away with a few light nips, and whispered, “Okay…okay. We can finish this up at home. Come on, baby…let’s go.”

Smiling up at him in anticipation, Sara nodded silently, as Josef leaned back to allow her the room she needed to remove her legs from around his waist. Steadying her as she got off the bike, he smiled as she leaned forward to kiss him again while he buttoned his shirt and zipped up his jacket. Pulling away once again, Josef stood and angled the bike back up off of the stand and popped the kick-start lever with his boot as he grinned at Sara possessively while the bike roared to life, shattering the night. Waving her back behind him, Josef shouted over the engine, “Come on, Sara. Get back on the bike, baby, so we can go.”

Eagerly, Sara grabbed hold of his shoulders and hopped on the bike behind him, spreading her legs wide so as to scoot right up next to his back. As she threaded her arms around his chest, Josef shook his head at the sensations Sara was evoking in him. In all of the years he’d been alive, never before had he felt this much excitement…this much anticipation and desire at the idea of being with a woman. Grinning like a school boy, Josef turned the bike back toward L.A. and felt the rear tire spin slightly as it shed the fine particles of sand from the tread. Finally gaining solid ground, the bike surged forward and devoured the road before it as Josef raced home with Sara clinging to him in anticipation.

Feeling her sigh against him and nuzzle her cheek into his shoulder, Josef reveled in the simple caress of her hands as she pulled closer once again. Catching a variety of scents on the ocean breeze, he smiled to himself as he enjoyed the wind through his hair and thought of the amazing night waiting for him back at the penthouse. Thinking of the endless possibilities he could now actually entertain, Josef grinned and shivered with his own anticipation. Laying the bike into several more curves along the Pacific Coast Highway, Josef began to think about the number of times he’d imagined his first time with Sara. And, he began to realize they all had the same theme.

Knowing her thoughts on pre-marital relations, he’d always dreamed of their first night in a specific way and he had to admit that it was actually pretty romantic to him as well. He liked the notion of carrying her over the threshold in her flowing white dress. The idea that he would be able to possess her with a clear conscience because he’d fulfilled her desire to wait until after the wedding always gave him a certain satisfaction and sense of purpose he hadn’t had with other women. Thinking about the sudden shift in Sara, he honestly began to wonder if this was really what she wanted or if this was a snap decision brought on by her traumatic reaction to Marco Moretti.

He hated to think that one negative interaction would lead Sara to act against something she’d so firmly believed and desired for so many years. Granted, Josef was thrilled at the idea of finally being able to fully unite with Sara, but he didn’t want this to be something she would regret. On the contrary, Josef wanted to make sure that everything was perfect for her and he wasn’t sure that this night was leading up to the perfect situation…the perfect night she could always remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. Biting his lip lightly, Josef continued to silently debate the issue as he made the turn off of the highway and toward their penthouse.

Within ten minutes they were pulling into the garage and Josef was angling the bike back into it’s designated parking place on the far side of the bay. Once the bike was back in position, he silenced the engine and patted her hands lightly several times before saying, “Okay, baby…get up.” Steadying herself with his shoulders, Sara hopped off the bike and took several steps away as she leaned against the wall and watched him push the bike up on the stand. Turning the front wheel slightly, he swung himself off of the bike and smiled at her softly before taking her hand and leading her back toward their penthouse above.

To be continued…

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  • Sharp Teeth

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